Available Presentations for Organizations:

How to Market Your Self in 2008

What You Need to Know Before You Start a Website

How to Get a Book Published

Pros and Cons of Self Publishing

Available Presentations for Educators:

Using Art to Motivate Your Students in Every Subject Area

The Ins and Outs of Photoshop and How to Apply it in the Classroom

How to Inspire a Class into Publishing a Book

Available School Programs:

I Can Make You into Anything I Want! Grades 2 – 8.

How to Make a Book Dummy: Grades 5-12.

You’re Only as Good as Your First Line: Grades 4-9.

How to Improve Your Artwork: Grades 3-9.

Current Book in Progress: Grades 4-12

How History Can Become a Story: Grades – 4-9.

How to Earn a Living Being A Writer: Grades 8-12.

The Computer as an Art Tool: Grades 4 – 12.

Show Don’t Tell with Writing and Illustrating: Grades 2-6.

How to Use Crafts, Games and “How to” Articles to Get Published. Grades 6-9.

How to Get Published for Children. Grades 5 – 10.

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